Our foals will start arriving from August/September onwards. See the Expected Foals page to view the exciting crosses we are awaiting foals from! 

Many of our foals sell quickly after birth, and we keep a "notifications list" for interested buyers before the foals are even born. If you would like to be added to the list for a specific cross, or for a particular type/colour/gender foal, then please Contact Me to arrange this.



During foaling season, we use a camera in our foaling stable so we can keep an eye on our mares from the house. We invite you into our stables to view our mares live.

If you are watching from a Mac, iPhone or iPad, you will need to download the PUFFIN WEB BROWSER to watch. Click above links to open in a new page.

 Please call me any time day or night if you see a mare foaling, and noone in the stall. We would much rather a false alarm than a mare foaling without us!

0404 076 810 or 0404057691

(Please also keep in mind that you are being invited into OUR stables, if there is something you dont agree with, or you dont like what you see, feel free to shut off your camera!)