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Our Services

Here at Anyssa Park, we offer a number of services to make your journey with your horse, all the more enjoyable. 


Show Conditioning/Training

Here at Anyssa Park, we love conditioning, and bringing out the true beauty of our little equines. With a varied excersise program to suit each individual, including round yard, ponying off a golf cart, and the treadmill, we can ensure that your horse is well conditioned and presented to its best potential and achieves the show ring success he or she deserves! With a lifetime of horse show ring experience, and over 13 years in miniature horses, we can ensure that you horse learns the ropes, and is given the chance to shine. We attend most NSW feature shows, including Regionals, youngstock shows, state shows and nationals, and have succeeded with multiple supremes at all levels.
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Youngstock Handling

The handling your horse receives in its younger years, are the foundation of what kind of horse he will become. At Anyssa Park, we take a calm and gentle approach that teaches youngstock trust and keeps them willing and wanting to learn. We offer handling from the very basics of simple halter training and general care (teaching to groom, rug, float, trim feet etc) right through to extensive show training. 
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Foaling Down Service

Let us take the stress out of foaling your mare down, by providing her with a safe, knowledgeable facility to delivery her foal, without the stress to you!
Your mare will recieve the best of care, with both alarm, and CCTV monitoring (which you can watch at home!), a safe and spacious stable and foaling yard, and an experienced foaling attendant to help bring her precious foal into the world.
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Stallion Services

Do you want to stand your stallion to outside mares, but dont have suitable facilities, or arent in an ideal location?
We can stand your stallion at Anyssa Park, in the heart of NSW, easily accessible from QLD, Sydney, Newcastle & Victoria, just 20mins from the Freeway. We can live cover, or work closely with reproductive veterinarians to collect, chill/freeze and ship semen, or even AI or Embryo Transfer. 

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