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Everybody loves a cute chicken, but a colourful bantam that is small and fluffy, as well as seriously pretty and cute just makes everyone smile. 

I searched Australia-wide for my beautiful little laced flock. Silver laced and Gold laced are my favourite colour pattern, but can be very difficult to find in the Pekins! So I am thrilled to have been able to purchase these beautiful little birds to add to my breeding pen.

I also have blue, splash, mottle and black pekins in the flock, so we have a variety of colours in our chicks and young growers. 


We have eggs available from our various pens when our own incubator is full, and often have youngsters available during the breeding season.

We keep a waiting list for our pekins due to the high demand, so be sure to Contact Us to add your name to the list if you would like to ensure you get your babies this season.

Occasionally we sell older pekins, or we move on some that we have grown out before we decide who to keep. So keep your eye on our Available Chickens page to see when these become available!