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Welcome to AP Poultry - Hunter Valley

We are a small hobby breeder of beautiful, colourful pekins. 

We have a few small flocks of select breeders that are also part of our family. The kids adore the chickens, and love cuddles, and love the excitement of collecting eggs to eat, and of course watching eggs from our chickens develp and hatch into adorable little chicks. 

We have a flock of Pekin Bantams, which are a favourite with both the kids and adults for their beautiful nature and eye catching colours. Our pens include Silver Laced and Gold Laced, Buff Laced and Blue Laced Gold, along with some developmental laced colours. These colours are not common in pekins and are still being perfected, but we feel that the lacing and shape of our pekins is improving with each generation.

During breeding season, we offer youngstock for sale, and often have fertile eggs available (when our own incubator is too full!) to post or pick up.